FitCamp Montenegro: The next level of vacationing

A place that lives by the laws of nature and lies based on the green economy has found its place in Montenegro. FitCamp Montenegro is a unique self-sustainable property on the Montenegrin tourist market, which relies only on nature and aims to eliminate plastics, promote domestic products but also attract a special type of tourists who have not visited our country so far. The founder of FitCamp, Andjela Đokic, spoke about the development plan, future ideas and environmental protection.

FitCamp Montenegro is a unique place that offers and promotes, as our slogan says” the next level of vacationing “. This idea was born a few years ago and then took its present form, with minor modifications and adaptation to the market. FitCamp started by working with partners and promoting their businesses. Then we decided that for the long-term development of our idea, we need to have our location. We worked hard on that and at the beginning of this year we found the location and now we are in the phase of adaptation in order to welcome the first guests as soon as possible. Considering the fact that FitCamp Montenegro lies based on the green economy, our main goal is to develop the business in the direction of preserving the environment, with the idea that tourism should be the friend of our local community. We want to develop a self-sustainable property which relies only on nature, and to promote domestic products, eliminate plastics and live by zero-waste rules, and everyone who shares our vision is welcome as a guest, “Andjela explained.

Their main goal is to attract a niche that has not had the affinity to visit Montenegro till now because there was no offer for them: “The world is changing, we are witnesses and we believe that FitCamp looked a step ahead in developing the idea, because we have a ten-year-development plan that in principle is not endangered by this crisis, only slowed down. We give people the opportunity to visit Montenegro in a direction in which they could not so far, to learn more about our culture, history, but also to make a progress in their way of life because we have prepared numerous thematic programs for them on the estate.

According to her, their vacation programs include self-development, where besides enjoying the natural beauty of our country and the city of Niksic, they will entertain visitors thematically and provide them with incredible options for the development of mind and body. A complete selection of available programs can be found on their website

“Apart from staying at our property, we are here to be the contact-mediators between our guests and partners, so we have numerous tourism employees as partners to provide the best possible service. These are various travel agencies, private travel guides, adventure agencies, fishing clubs, yoga and fitness organizations, etc. “, explained Andjela.

As an environmental activist within ocistiME (CleanME) group, with 5 other ladies, Andjela fights for rejecting disposable plastic and their petition has so far been signed by almost 7.000 people. Although environmental awareness is still not at an enviable level, there are some bright examples, she says.

“The environmental awareness is non-existent for the vast majority, still and unfortunately. However, there are groups and organizations in which this awareness is on a very advanced level, so I am optimistic and see some balance in all this. We still have a lot of work to do, but it starts with the individual, and FitCamp will invite others to participate and give their contribution to reducing pollution, by its example,” said Anđela.

Her cooperation with IEC Tehnopolis and excellent experience in working together with its team, but also the turnaround that was brought to Nikšić with it, was the trigger for her to become a tenant of the Business Incubator.

“I believe that this is the right place for further development of FitCamp, considering that’s the way we will be at the source of information related to the Ministry of Agriculture and numerous projects implemented by Tehnopolis. We need it, as a company in the development and with big plans. Regarding past events and experiences, my expectations are high, justifiably. Through this cooperation, I will do my best to contribute to the ideas that we can implement together, so that the local tourist community in the city with great potentials can be crystallized a bit,” Andjela explained.

Cooperation with Tehnopolis is also reflected through the series of training courses in which Andjela shared her knowledge in the field of digital marketing with interested people: “I enjoy it. I work a lot and work on a lot of different projects, but my favorite part of my job is when I can share what I know with others and help in that way. During the workshops in Tehnopolis, I had great experiences, met great people and enjoyed the great results we made, and this year we are preparing a new level of the game. I did workshops in almost the whole country, but Nikšić rules.”

The epidemic of the coronavirus and the emergency slowed down their adaptation and delayed the start of the season, but as she cites, everything will be achieved on time and at the right time: “The corona helped us, some kind, because many people will ask themselves what kind of vacation they want now, and FitCamp will be ready with its offer. “

In the next period, they will work hard on the adaptation of the property for FitCamp, but also on sales and marketing, with the hope that this year it will be ready to welcome the first guests at the new location.