The implementation of the new activities within the VIRAL project

Despite the current circumstances when most of the activities have been stopped, the project partners within the “Vitalizing ICT Relevance in agricultural learning – VIRAL” project, funded under the Erasmus+ capacity building program in the field of higher education, continue to contribute to strengthening cooperation between the faculty and business sector through the use of ICT solutions in agrarian communities in the Western Balkans.
The project partners are currently working on the implementation of the activities within the first work package through which the research is conducted among farmers to analyze the use of ICT solutions in the process of agricultural production in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, but also EU member states – the Netherlands, Romania and Slovenia. The results of the research will indicate the need to use ICT solutions in the production process to improve the process and make it more efficient, make it easier for manufacturers to acquire knowledge and skills that can help them in further professional engagement. The research can be found on the link and the analysis of the received answers will create the foundations for the continuation of the implementation of the project.
The leading partner in the project is the University of Banja Luka, while the project partners, besides Tehnopolis, are Dzemal Bijedic University Mostar, University of Mostar, University of Tuzla / Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Bijeljina, University of Donja Gorica, University of Waigeningen, University of Maribor, University of Bucharest, Agro- voce, Jaffa-komerc, Plantaze 13.jul, Western Balkans Institute, Innovation Center Banja Luka, INTERA Mostar and the Montenegrin Association for New Technologies MANT.