Representative of Tehnopolis at the conference Reinventing the world – The power of industry 4.0 in Belgrade

Representative of Tehnopolis Aleksandar Janičić participates at the conference Reinventing the World – the power of industry 4.0 organized by the Scientific and Technological Park Belgrade, with the support of the Government of the Confederation of Switzerland in Zvezdara, Belgrade.

The conference is attended by about 200 participants, representatives of science and technology parks, foreign organizations, large and small companies, startups, business decision makers interested in business improvement, organizational, technological and personnel processes, as well as representatives of the state administration. The conference brought together more than 15 world lecturers and entrepreneurs in the field of blockbuster, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and cyber security.

Some of the key topics of the event are future questions, such as what will be the working environment of the future in the synergy of robots and people, the threats that lie in the Internet domain, why the blockades are not just crypto-craft, and what role governments and sustainable development play in it.